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Our Team

Jesmond Gatt joined the Central Bank of Malta in 1984, graduating in Mathematics and Computing at the University of Malta in 1995. During his career at the Bank, which spans over 37 years, he has worked on all major IT projects, and is today Chief Officer responsible for retail banking services, management of currency and the regulation of payment systems and infrastructures. He formed part of the core financial sector team which oversaw the changeover to the Euro in Malta in 2008. Since Malta became part of the European Union he has been a member of a number of Euro system and European Commission committees working on payments systems and the management of euro notes and coins. He has also participated in a number of European Commission initiatives drawing up payment systems regulations. Since 2016 he has been sitting on the Board of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit in Malta, acting as Chairman to the Board from 2020. He is taking the role of Chief Executive role at MGI on 21st December 2022.

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